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the war on terror is terrifying. you should see this weird journal i made about 7 years ago.

reaction to: among other coverage. i have mixed feelings on this whole situation, and i think it’s making me anxious, and that’s probably why i am frustrated with the controversy surrounding it. first, i certainly feel for any and all … Continue reading

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i am unashamed. i wasn’t thinking about it being prescriptive, but i can see how it would come off that way. i do think that it can be helpful, in the face of people like far-right female political candidates, who use feminism … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Advertising Genius or Democrat’s Best Friend?

This BBC News Online story posed an interesting question about Sarah Palin’s place on the American political scene in the wake of this week’s midterm elections. Is she positioning herself for a presidential bid? If so, what does that mean … Continue reading

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