architecture vs. pizza

domino’s pizza founder and president thomas s. monaghan loves frank lloyd wright!

“i sometimes feel that the spirit of frank lloyd wright is looking approvingly over my shoulder as i struggle to preserve every example of his designs that i can.” –from frank lloyd wright: preserving an architectural heritage, decorative designs from the domino’s pizza collection.

does this struggle extend to pizza? is architecture as delicious as pizza? is domino’s pizza delicious?

the domino’s collection of frank lloyd wright design can be found in ann arbor, michigan. included in the collection is the only cat house frank lloyd wright ever designed.

it sort of looks like a pizza hut.

the owner of domino’s supports operation rescue.” “oh please, no one gives a shit right now, we’re starving.”

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6 Responses to architecture vs. pizza

  1. clair says:


    choice set of links, my friend! my favorite was the pizza the hut lego.

  2. Josh says:

    Ha, I so want one of those new architectural classic lego sets. And I think the eco-friendly pizza box is kind of cool. A step in the wright direction (hee hee) even if it is a trend thing. But yeah, I don’t get the pizza/architecture connection. Is pizza hut’s recipe going organic?

    • Amanda says:

      yeah, the pizza box is cool. i was just so hungry when i posted this that i didn’t care about much else. also, i don’t want to eat off of cardboard. either way it would make the box much easier to break down for recycling!

      i’m not sure there is a pizza/architecture connection, except in my own random brain when i’m cataloging frank lloyd wright and i’m hungry. oh yeah — the connection is thomas s. monaghan! he loves pizza and he loves architecture!

  3. Brian McElmurry says:

    What a juxtopostion!

  4. David says:

    This post is a high-watermark of the witty blogger’s art. Thank you for thinking these two themes (Wright’s architecture and domino’s pizza) together, with such stylistic virtuosity and an impeccable eye for internet media. This is one to hold onto and show to your future children, for it reads like an internet age storybook. Well done!

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