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Book Review: The Recognitions by William Gaddis

—Reading Proust is an experience. In unassigned dialogue, William Gaddis writes, probably recognizing what it would be like to read his 956 page novel “The Recognitions”. A novel that demands not just the time of the reader, but requires them … Continue reading

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Human/Animal Explosions in the News – Part 1

I read this story on today: “Frozen Colorado cows may be blown up“. Leads me to wonder about the human/animal aspects of the situation. There are many. For now, though, I just wanted to pass the bizarre story along. … Continue reading

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Beach Sloth gets William Gaddis’d

Beach Sloth is a critic (and writer) of a certain internet writing community. This certain internet writing community is often refered to as “alt-lit”, yet I prefer the title “internet literature” because “alt-lit” seems to refer to poets, writing misanthrope poetry, which I enjoy. If … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Band

Saw them last night here in Eugene: Sounded even better live.

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Exploring the Hypothesis that Philosophy is an Exclusively Linguistic Enterprise

Friends, While scanning the philosophy texts on my bookshelf, and simultaneous recalling some spoken exchange that had happened earlier in the seminar room, I was led to reflect on the thought that philosophy seems to have only ever been conducted … Continue reading

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