Article I got published on Thought Catalog

I wrote a shit-talking parody of a Blake Butler essay. It’s kind of out-of-control, and makes me look a little crazy. Please read, if you have the time.


About Brian McElmurry

I live in Denver with my wife and dogs. I'm the author of the novella Rocket Man and have written a few unpublished novels (that are awesome, if you are a publisher/agent). My novella Rocket Man is available here:
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2 Responses to Article I got published on Thought Catalog

  1. David says:

    I’m so proud of you, Brian! The article does indeed read like the thoughts of a mad man, but they are well-written thoughts. Despite the opinion of some commentators to the contrary, I found the more philosophical, transcendent aspects of your piece insightful and inspiring. One has to find a niche, and blogging is not so unlike the academic world in its adherence to this principle: joining a conversation is just as worthwhile as starting one oneself.

  2. seth says:

    Brian, i don’t believe you to be mad. What does crazy mean? Good honesty in this.

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