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I live in Denver with my wife and dogs. I'm the author of the novella Rocket Man and have written a few unpublished novels (that are awesome, if you are a publisher/agent). My novella Rocket Man is available here:

In Search of Lost Time Vol. 1: Swann’s Way & some of Volume 2 (review written with little time)

Marcel Proust around page 60 of Swann’s Way, dips a cookie, a madeleine, into his tea, and is instantly taken back to the Combray of his youth (1870’s and 1880’s), a country town where his elderly great-aunt lived, and his family would holiday; his nameless … Continue reading

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Article I got published on Thought Catalog

I wrote a shit-talking parody of a Blake Butler essay. It’s kind of out-of-control, and makes me look a little crazy. Please read, if you have the time.

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Anything I do is more a reflection of myself than the outside world.

You know what I hate. Pretty much the opposite of what I want at the time. If I’m driving slow and the driver behind me is impatiently on my ass then I hate them, and adversely, if a driver is … Continue reading

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In Defense of Ogling [1]

I’ve seen other men ogling women, and it can be a pretty contemptible thing. Mostly when a large age gap exists, like the 60-year-old gentleman looking at a questionably-legal teenager’s ass as she passes, following her ass with his eyes, … Continue reading

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On Being a Don Quixote

Most people that write are compelled to create. It doesn’t mean they’re the next Hemingway, or that you should care. It’s just they can. They’ve figured out a process. The words spin around their heads, an idea they want to … Continue reading

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Video of Skateboarder Getting Hit by Truck and Flying 50 Feet

  It said he lived, but didn’t go into his injuries. I believe it happened recently, and all google seacrhes didn’t give anymore info. JESUS. Hope he’s okay.

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