Brian McElmurry

Hi. I’m Brian McElmurry. I’m an unpublished writer of two novels, a novella, and a collection of short stories; the complete collection is called “The Unspeakable Visions of the Individual.”

I appreciate being read and any comments regarding, even if it’s hate. My email is mcelmurry78 [at] . Thanks for your time.

Writings on other websites:

“Miso Soup” on Posted (01/03/12)

“Freud Was Right” on Posted (06/08/11)

The Trial” on Posted (05/05/11)

Fiction Stories:

“Tamarind” (Posted 6/12/10)

“The Beach Breeze” (Posted 3/31/10)

Book Reviews:

“Review: ‘lol.thx texas i will never love again.’ by Willis Plummer” (Posted 05/22/12)

“Book Review: The Recognitions by William Gaddis” (Posted 04/26/12)

The Internet is Real: Richard Grayson emailed me a pdf of his ebook “Winter in Brooklyn December 1971 – March 1972″ (Posted 03/01/12)

“The Internet is Real: Gabby Gabby emailed me a pdf of her ebook ‘pretty flowers'” (Posted 02/13/12)

“The Internet is Real: Walter Mackey messaged me a pdf of his ebook ‘Okstupid'” (Posted 02/13/12)

“The Internet is Real: Ana C. mailed me her chapbook ‘make-believe love-making'” (Posted 02/09/12)

“Book Review: ‘Suicide’ by Edouard Leve” (Posted 10/12/11)

“Book Review: ‘Hunger’ by Knut Hamsen” (Posted 02/08/11)

Essays and Blogs of Note:

“I’ll ship anyone a chapbook ‘Everybodies gotta Suffer’…” (Posted 05/15/12)

“Beach Sloth gets William Gaddis’d” (Posted 04/11/12)

“A List of Things RE Skateboarding to Work” (Posted 03/21/12)

“Sitting in the Wild Grass” (Posted 09/24/11)


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