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Willis Plummer reviews my Chapbook “Everybody’s Gotta Suffer (Even Jesus and Rich People)…”

Willis Plummer wrote a nice review of my chapbook. Here it is; though Willis mentions I hate my boss, but I don’t hate my boss, he is very nice and looks out for me, in ways, I just mention him … Continue reading

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I’ll ship anyone a chapbook I made “Everybody Suffers (Even Jesus and Rich People)…” if you message me your address. It has 3 stories and a couple poems and artwork stolen from Mark Gonzales (he inspired me to make the zine and I’m sure he’d ‘be down’ with the borrow). Its a limited 1st edition of 25 copies.

my email is mcelmurry78 [at] yahoo.com. It’s about 4500 words and has a 1st person story, 2nd person story, and a 3rd person story (two of them are only available throw this limited offer), and a couple poems.

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The Internet is real: Ana C. mailed me her chapbook “make-believe love-making”

The internet is real. On Jan. 27th while toner was being heated onto paper, I scrolled through my Facebook feed. I make copies while depressed, or weirdly hyper, 40 hrs a week, and read things online because my job doesn’t require the … Continue reading

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