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Willis Plummer reviews my Chapbook “Everybody’s Gotta Suffer (Even Jesus and Rich People)…”

Willis Plummer wrote a nice review of my chapbook. Here it is; though Willis mentions I hate my boss, but I don’t hate my boss, he is very nice and looks out for me, in ways, I just mention him … Continue reading

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I’ll ship anyone a chapbook I made “Everybody Suffers (Even Jesus and Rich People)…” if you message me your address. It has 3 stories and a couple poems and artwork stolen from Mark Gonzales (he inspired me to make the zine and I’m sure he’d ‘be down’ with the borrow). Its a limited 1st edition of 25 copies.

my email is mcelmurry78 [at] yahoo.com. It’s about 4500 words and has a 1st person story, 2nd person story, and a 3rd person story (two of them are only available throw this limited offer), and a couple poems.

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The Internet is Real: Walter Mackey messaged me a pdf of his ebook ‘Okstupid’

How I came across ‘Okstupid’ by Walter Mackey Carnivorous Judy is Walter Mackey’s handle on Facebook. He had posted a picture of Bjork CDs that many of my FB friend’s involved in ‘internet literature’ had commented on. Jimmy Chen (my … Continue reading

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Me in Therapy, Part 1

“It was a terribly depressing time in my life, last summer was. And I would do strange things while depressed, drive strange places.” This I told my therapist, part of a longer exchange–a whole 55 minutes worth. “That’s how I … Continue reading

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New Story Posted: “Lucy Dreaming” by Emma Reed Jones

Erotic fiction is one genre we run relatively short on here at Newhandsweepstakes. Thankfully, Emma Reed Jones’ surreal gem, “Lucy Dreaming,” has come along to help remedy this paucity. Representing as it does both the pleasure of betrayal and the … Continue reading

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New Story Posted: “I Dream of Being Warm Again” by Emma Reed Jones

We at Newhandsweepstakes are pleased to welcome our newest contributor, Emma Reed Jones (currently of Eugene, soon to be of Oakland, PhD freshly minted) and to bring you the first of a series of pre-eminently evocative short-stories penned by Emma, … Continue reading

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